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Listed below are some of my novels available to purchase by clicking on the To Buy button. To see more books please visit my author page. Thank you.

Love Thirty is much more than a trip to Wimbledon. Georgia Lyle is an ambitious journalist just starting out when she meets tennis player Nick Pereira. It is game, set match for both of them, and soon wedding bells chime.
Love Thirty.jpg
Love on the Menu set in beautiful Bath, brims over with wedding food and fun. Zillah Robinson’s whole life is her new catering company, ‘Mrs Robinson’. Love is the last thing on Zillah’s mind.
Love on the Menu.jpg
Homefront A moving story of love and romance during World War II

Also available at your Library as Dreams of Yesterday

The Christmas Getaway. Christmas is not Lulu’s favourite time of year. Worse, this year she simply can’t face the idea of her gorgeous boyfriend Ravi meeting her family. Desperate, she decides it's time to plan an alternative Christmas.
A Life Less Lonely. Dr Andrea Palmer, a young widow, is left with conflicting feelings when she is thrown into a high profile drugs trial. Dr Keir Harrison is still reeling from his broken marriage, and Andrea is so overwhelmed juggling a demanding job, four-year-old Josh and her elderly mum, that she hadn’t considered a second love affair.
A Life Less Lonely.jpg
Devilish Delights. A sassy, spicy romance linking London’s West End with Wales. Laura anticipates two quiet weeks when she swaps London for a stint running her aunt’s kitchen shop in a sleepy Welsh village. Disillusioned by a broken romance, she doesn’t expect to fall for Alex Conway, local-born singer performing in the golf club fund-raiser. 
Devilish Delights.jpg
house sitter A powerful, psychological domestic thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Sometimes those closest to you are the ones you may trust the least! 
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