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Puppy Love
Rural peace vanishes when pedigree dogs start to go missing. Hannah and Ryan are each reaching the end of their gap years and are thrown together, with Hannah's grandfather, for some serious amateur sleuthing.
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Christmas in Meltdown
'They need to feel pampered,' said James. 'Cosseted. Most importantly, we need to intrigue them so they can't wait to sample the evening delights. And that's not all.' Is her new chef rocking his role a little too well for bistro-owner Lucy? Which one will melt first?
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Girl with a Gold Wing
Cora swaps her swinging sixties' retail job for air hostess training. On the first day of her course, she's almost literally swept off her feet by a First Officer in a hurry. But Ross is engaged to be married. Or is he?
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Mrs Robinson
Zillah provides fabulous wedding and party food in beautiful Bath. When Hal Christmas rents the neighbouring office and steals her trading name, the pair must move from insults to compromise. Until financial strain obliges Zillah to share her flat with the charming Zak, one of Hal's clients.
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Summer Love
It's 1966 and Liz is thrown into another world when she takes a job as secretary to the Entertainments Manager of Rainbows Holiday Camp. Chief Host Rob is much admired but why do he and Liz end up at loggerheads?
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Dreams of Yesterday
 Charlotte's left to run her father's garage when he joins up in 1939. Her budding romance with her brother's friend, Robert, is kept alive by letters as the womenfolk work hard & worry about their loved ones. Will they all return safe and sound?
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The Secret of the Silver Locket

Orphan & heiress's companion Grace believes her origins are humble, but as her 21st birthday looms, young American professor Harry offers her love and a new life.  Grace's background prevents her accepting Harry's proposal until she comes of age and receives some shocking news. Does a certain silver locket hold the key to Grace and Harry's future? 

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Love on Track

Train Manager Flora enjoys her daily routine while travelling through the beautiful Welsh countryside. She privately names one regular commuter 'Mr Gorgeous', though because she's seen him with a small girl in tow, she assumes he isn't single. But Jack has had no time for romance since his wife died. Until one day he notices the lovely young woman who sells him a ticket and realises he's seen her somewhere before...

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A Christmas Engagement

Widow Molly is determined to enjoy her holiday on the sunny island of Madeira but as her friendship with tour guide Michael develops she wonders whether his attentions are just part of his job. As her holiday draws to a close, an accident brings her even closer to Michael and back in Wales, Molly's family are planning a surprise Christmas reunion.  

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Mallorcan Magic

Romance is the last thing on Eira's mind as she visits a friend in Mallorca. But two chance encounters with handsome entrepreneur Danny Carpenter, followed by a job offer as his children's nanny, set her on an unexpected path. As she deals with the complications of falling for her employer, she must come to his defence when he's imprisoned for a crime he's entirely innocent of committing.

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Love Strikes Twice

Between jobs, Sarah decides to visit the Scottish harbour town where her grandmother Cathy worked, and had a love affair ending in heartbreak, decades before. Her grandma's old friend offers Sarah work in her tearoom but soon the English girl finds herself falling in love with local GP Rory McLean. But as Rory happens to be the grandson of the man Cathy fell in love with, rough waters lie ahead.

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Home to Misty Mountain

UK-born Hayley Collins is visiting Australia, staying with a friend and looking for work. Craig Maxwell runs a holiday resort at Misty Mountain, a four-hour drive from Melbourne. When Hayley applies to be an administrator at the resort, Craig takes her on - and much else besides. She has to return to England in twelve months. He's engaged to a woman whose father is helping to keep the resort's finances in the black. So when Hayley and Craig fall in love, it seems a future together is only a distant dream...

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Melting Evie's Heart

Film-set director Evie is between projects, and hurting from being dumped by the arrogant Marcus. Escaping to spend Christmas in her paraents' idyllic countryside home, what will finally lift her mood - her mum's relentless festive spirit, the cosiness of village traditions...or the attention of gorgeous antiques dealer Jake? When the leading duo in this year's village pantomime drops out after a bust-up, Evie and Jake are roped in to take over. But with Evie playing Cinderella, just how seriously will Jake take his new role as Prince Charming?

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The Christmas Visitor

Rich man's daughter Eleanor is horrified when her father invites disgraced nobleman Rupert to join the family Christmas house party. But the pair meet by accident and Eleanor finds him attractive then is dismayed to learn his identity. Rupert and his valet fit in well, while gentle scheming by the indispensable Mr Steadman enhances Eleanor and Rupert's budding relationship. Upstairs and downstairs, romance blossoms but can both his lordship and his valet make amends for their past mistakes?

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Date With Danger

 Carefree summers in the Welsh seaside resort where her mother runs a guesthouse will never be the same for Bonnie. She and her friend Kay are growing up - discovering secrets hidden by people they thought they knew, each finding love in the heady whirl of the fairground, and realising that the world holds real danger for the innocent and unwary.

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Love in Lavender Lane

Fiona exchanges her quiet suburban world for 1970s London when she inherits her great-aunt's marriage bureau. But as she's never been truly in love, finding suitable partners for her starry-eyed clients is very challenging. Fiona's too busy to think about her own love life. And one particular client is proving very difficult to match.

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The Captain's Bride                                                                                                                                                     

Orphan Tabitha, running away from her scheming grandmother, naively encounters problems which land her in gaol. Transportation follows, but harsh conditions onboard the convict ship are lessened when she impresses the captain. Jacob contacts his friend in Australia, asking if he and his wife can offer Tabitha a job.  The young couple's feelings for each other strengthen, leading to marriage and Jacob's decision to abandon seafaring and begin a new career. But will Tabitha's past continue to haunt her?

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